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At Pisos by Tatz, we specialize in creating custom, hand-painted shoes that make a lasting impact. Our unique designs are perfect for corporate events and brand activations, helping your business stand out and create memorable experiences.


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Custom Shoes for Your Business

Brand Work

Custom shoes from Pisos by Tatz serve as a powerful marketing activation. They not only showcase your brand but also create a unique way to interact with your audience. Our custom shoes are designed to leave a lasting impression and elevate your brand’s presence.

Engaging and Memorable

Marketing Activations

Pisos by Tatz’s custom shoes are perfect for marketing activations. They create an emotional connection with your audience, making your brand memorable. Whether it’s a product launch, promotional event, or a brand campaign, our custom shoes ensure your brand is seen and remembered.

Custom Shoes for Events


Make your corporate events unforgettable with custom shoes from Pisos by Tatz. Our hand-painted designs provide a unique way to engage with attendees and leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s a corporate gathering, trade show, or a festival, our custom shoes add a touch of personalization and creativity.

Why Choose Pisos by Tatz?

The Benefits of Custom Shoes

Custom shoes from Pisos by Tatz offer numerous benefits:

  • Unique and memorable gifts for clients and employees
  • Expand your first-party data
  • Walking advertisements that generate impressions
  • Build brand exposure
  • Exciting ways to interact with employees
Understanding Your Business

Tailored Designs for Maximum Impact

At Pisos by Tatz, we understand the importance of aligning our designs with your business goals. Tatiana Mosquera, our founder, incorporates her expertise as an advertiser to develop custom shoe designs that evoke an emotional response and resonate with your audience.


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FAQ for Corporate Custom Shoes Page

The timeline for creating custom shoes for corporate orders can vary depending on the complexity and quantity of the designs. Generally, it takes 2-4 weeks from the initial consultation to the final delivery. We recommend reaching out to us as early as possible to ensure we can meet your event deadlines.


Absolutely! At Pisos by Tatz, we pride ourselves on creating custom designs tailored to your brand and event. During the design consultation, you can share your ideas, themes, and any specific elements you want to include. Tatiana will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

We can customize a wide range of shoe types, including sneakers, dress shoes, and casual footwear. If you have a specific shoe style in mind, let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. Our goal is to provide you with the perfect canvas for your custom designs.

Custom, hand-painted shoes by Pisos by Tatz are crafted with high-quality materials and durable paints. To maintain their appearance, we recommend avoiding excessive exposure to water and harsh conditions. Clean them gently with a soft cloth and avoid using harsh chemicals. For detailed care instructions, please refer to our Shoe Care Guide provided with your order.

Yes, we have a portfolio of past corporate projects available for you to review. These examples showcase our work with various brands and events, highlighting the creativity and quality of our custom designs. You can view these examples on our website or request a digital portfolio during your consultation.

Yes, we use high-quality, durable paints specifically designed for footwear. Our hand-painted shoes are crafted to withstand regular wear while maintaining their vibrant colors and intricate designs. However, we do recommend following our care instructions to ensure the longevity of your custom shoes.

To place an order for custom corporate shoes, simply contact us through our website’s contact form or email us directly. We will schedule an initial consultation to discuss your needs, design preferences, and event details. From there, Tatiana will work with you to create a unique and memorable custom shoe design that aligns with your brand and event goals.

Pisos by Tatz stands out due to Tatiana Mosquera’s expertise in both advertising and art. Her ability to blend creative design with brand messaging ensures that each custom shoe evokes an emotional response and effectively represents your brand. Additionally, our track record of successful collaborations with major brands and events speaks to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Yes, we are equipped to handle large orders for major corporate events. Whether you need a few pairs or a large quantity, we have the capacity to meet your needs while maintaining the highest standards of quality and design. Contact us to discuss your requirements, and we will ensure your order is completed on time and to your specifications.

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